About The Campaign

How does it work?

The Tick Box scheme can be implemented easily with no red tape barriers, costs or membership fee. At the heart of the scheme is the code of practice which sets out simple procedures aimed at preventing the storage of counterfeit and other illicit goods and enables self storage facility owners to be sure of who is storing what at their premises. It also clarifies the information and support they can receive from Trading Standards.

All businesses committed to fair trading and consumer protection are invited to join the Tick Box scheme with their local Trading Standards service. Once the Tick Box code of practice has been confirmed between the self storage company and Trading Standards, the company can display the code of practice within its premises, along with the Tick Box posters and logo.

England & Wales


Northern Ireland

Are there any costs involved?

There are no costs to join the Tick Box scheme and all the display materials are provided free of charge.

Tick Box: The benefits to self storage facility owners

  • Ensures clear procedures are in place for a speedy response should the company have any concerns, suspicions or require assistance;
  • Presents a visible demonstration of the company’s commitment to staying crime-free by displaying the Tick Box logo with pride;
  • Provides a quality assurance to storage customers that their items are in a safe and well-protected environment;
  • Sends a strong message to anyone considering storing illegal products that it will not be tolerated.
Next steps

Step 1:  Read through the detail of the Tick Box code of practice.
Step 2:  Request and/or agree to a visit or virtual inspection from your local Trading Standards service.
Step 3:  Once your local Trading Standards service is happy that you have procedures in place in line with the code of practice, they will provide you with a certificate, posters and an electronic copy of the logo for your use within the terms set out.