Staff Training

The Intellectual Property Office in partnership with Trading Standards, the Self Storage Association and other partners has developed two training videos tailored to self storage staff. It is designed to help detect and prevent counterfeit and illicit goods being stored in the premises and, to raise awareness about the importance of due diligence to keep self storage facilities safe and free of counterfeit and illicit goods.

The first video gives an overview of what counterfeits goods are, how staff can be alert to the indicators of possible illegal activity taking place in the premises and how to report suspicious activity.  The second video highlights some real cases of fake and illicit goods seized in self storage premises. It will give staff the opportunity to reflect on them, help identify illicit activity, and also prevent it from happening in the first place in the premises.

Self Storage businesses can access the training videos on request by emailing It can be watched from any device with internet access, including mobile phones.
If you are a member of the Self Storage Association, you should be able to access via your login area.

Self storage staff are the eyes and ears of every premises, you can help stop organised crime, keep self storage premises free of counterfeit goods and illicit goods and above all, keep it safe.